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Important order information

Please read the following information regarding our order process for 2015 carefully.

Pre-season / In-season orders
During the 2016/2017 season, RokxAT will work with a pre-season discount system. Orders placed before 15-11-2016 will address to this discount. All order placed after this date, will be handled as in-season orders and will be priced accordingly. Please use the XLS- order form for each of our brands to place your pre-season order. You can receive this order form by mail on request.
Important: if possible, always use the product number during ordering, so mistakes can be eliminated as much as possible. During the season orders can directly be given on the new website.
General pre-order information
Pre-orders must be placed before 15-11-2016. Minimal order value for pre-orders is € 2.500,00. You can choose your preferred delivery date to your liking, as long as this date is before  31-07-2015.
RokxAT has four price levels:
Order value:
< € 2.500 € 2.500 -  € 12.500 €12.501 - € 34.999 > € 35.000
Price level pre-order:  - Pre-order 1 Pre-order 2 Pre-order 3
Price level in season:  In season 0 In season 1 In season 2 In season 3

The order value is the total amount during the 2016/2017 season. The season starts at October 1st 2016 and ends at September 30th 2017. If the minimal amount for a discount class isn’t reached, RokxAT will charge the difference in price. Pre-season orders will be shipped in minimum amounts of € 2.500 worth of goods/products. For deliveries below € 2.500 we will charge an extra 5% handling fee
Test and demo boats
RoxkAT offers the possibility to have demo or show boats at your company. The discount for these boats will be 5% on your pre-order price. Demo/show boats must be ordered alongside your pre-order. RokxAT will decide on the color of the boat(s), and is free to enclose them to any pre-order shipment you have placed. Demo/test boats may not be sold before 31-09-2017.
Maximum amount of demo/show boats:
-   Pre-order 1: 2 boats
-   Pre-order 2: 4 boats

Team / co-worker discount
For your employees, or team paddlers, we offer a 5% discount on pre-order price as well. In order to receive this discount, we must receive a detailed profile of the person who is interested in the deal. Including a picture. RoxkAT has the right to ship boats with minor optical faults as a team/employee boat. Note that this discount is only valid on ‘pre- order 1’ and ‘pre order 2’. 
RokxAT will ship orders by postal service or by freight forwarder. Transport/custom costs will be calculated on each individual order (ex works/transport (Bergschenhoek, Holland warehouse).  RokxAT will not be responsible for any damage which might occur during transport. If pleased, a insurance can be placed on the transport for €25,-.If orders need to be packed extra, RokxAT has the right to charge an extra €25 (€75 for Stellar Kayaks) packaging costs per boat. When boats are damaged during transport, it’s of major importance that you claim this directly with the truck driver at the time of delivery. Make sure the driver acknowledges the damage and handles accordingly! Damage reported afterwards cannot be dealt with.
Self arranged pick-up
You are free at all time to arrange your own transport. If so, please communicate at least 3 working days upfront, the requested pick-up date and time, otherwise the status of your order cannot be guaranteed. Order can be picked Monday till Friday, between 10:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs.
Diverges per brand. If pleased, this information will be forwarded to your address. All warranty guide lines RokxAT handles are those who are made by the supplier. Rokx will forward any warranty case to the involved supplier and will handle according to their conclusion. RokxAT will not accept warranty claims coming directly from consumers!
Payment terms
  •  Payment 100% prior to delivery or pick up date/moment
  • After first year order we can build a credit relationships and payment terms can change
  • Rokx AT reserves the right to refuse credit to any account
  • Pre-payment and late payment 
    • -/- 2,5% if payment is made 60 days before planned delivery date
    • -/- 1% if payment is made 30 days before planned delivery date
    • + 1% if payment is made later than 15 days after invoice date
    • + 2,5% if payments is made later than 30 days after invoice date
  • Customers  who choose to use a credit card, will be charged a 4% processing fee
  • All past due accounts must be paid in full prior to shipment of new orders
  • Late payment voids all discounts
  • We understand and will exercise our statutory right to interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest)
  • Past dues invoices are subject to 1,5% interest monthly (18% annually)
  • Any cost incurred in the recovery of outstanding amounts will be charged to the customer's account
Legal terms
  •  All prices are in Euro’s
  • All prices are excluding VAT, with the exception of the suggested retail price (SRP)
  • This pricelist supersedes all others
  • Prices, policies and specifications are subject to change without notice
  • All products remain property of RokxAT Europe until all invoices from Rokx AT are paid for in full (including interest fees and service charges)
  • RokxAT has the right to refuse delivery of certain products for a certain price in case of print errors.
  • RokxAT reserves the right to terminate any dealership which does not adhere to these terms