The Liquidlogic Manta Ray Propel is a dream pedal boat for hands-free fishing, bird watching, nature photography,
or simply exploring. paddlers looking for a relaxing way to enjoy being on the water. The Propel Pedal
Drive is a highly acclaimed and revolutionary system that allows users to go further and explore more than
ever before. Reverse capability enables users to easily slow down, stop, or back up in tight spots. Great for
all ages and uses, the Manta Ray Propel is on the cutting edge of recreational kayak design. Features
include: a sharp bow and stern that enhances glide for easy cruising, adjustable ergonomic seating for
comfort on the water, sealed bow storage, padded grab handles, and transducer mounting cavity and plate
under the hull. Native Watercraft's proven and durable Propel Drive System has become more affordable
than ever in this user-friendly craft.

Liquidlogic Mantaray Propel