After 9 years of success on the water, the Propel Pedal Drive system has landed in a beautiful Skimmer 120 design.
The industry’s first lightweight pedal drive has arrived. As our competitors seem to develope heavier and heavier crafts,
the Skimmer 120 Propel can actually be moved from your car-top to the water - and back. The Skimmer delivers as a
recreational hands-free cruising kayak. The Propel Pedal Drive system creates on water opportunities for fishing, bird
watching, nature photography, and exercise. With a sharp entry and flare in the bow for enhanced glide and smooth
travel in choppy water conditions, the Skimmer 120 Propel cruises with efficiency and grace on the water. This
lightweight pedaling machine features the 1st Class frame seat with sliding adjustment for comfort and proper
ergonomics while pedaling. Incorporating port side steering control, the craft maneuvers with finger tip motion. An on
water pedaling adventure waits you.

Native Watercraft’s Ultimate frame seat has found a new home in the Santee 120 sport and the NEW
Santee 110 sport. The Santee 110 Sport is a super stable, super sexy kayak with excellent tracking and
stylish aesthetics. The Ultimate frame seat offers generous and breathable comfort. The seat can easily be
removed from the kayak to be used a beach chair. The seat simply clips into a mounted bracket under the
deck, and you are ready for your day on the water in comfort. The Santee 110 and 120 Sports are designed
with a hard-chined hull for superior performance, fresh deck styling and a generous sport cockpit for easy
entry and exit. The Santee 110 Sport and 120 Sport are generous in fit, high on confidence, easy on the
back, and kind to the wallet. Enlighten yourself by experiencing a Hurricane.

The popular Skimmer 116 has received an upgrade for the 2017 season. We have paired our lightest
sit-on-top with Native’s industry-leading First Class frame seat. Feel the Hurricane difference with unparalleled
performance, weight and comfort. The First Class seat will keep your thighs feeling fresh after a full day
on the water. The touring style hull and Trylon construction allow it to easily outpace other kayaks in its class.
This new model is full featured from bow to stern with comfortable grab handles, 10-inch bow hinge hatch, 5
½-inch day hatch in front of the seat, a paddle holder, water bottle holder, and stern well bungee. Pick me
up and take me to the water!